Little York Bed & Breakfast House
Little York Bed and Breakfast, built circa 1840 by an Irish immigrant farmer is located in the pristine community of York, once called Little York. This 4 star bed and breakfast sits proudly on one of the oldest roads, offering scenic views of rural Prince Edward Island, the gentle Island of rejuvenation.

Our large comfortable guest rooms featuring en suite baths and Simmons Excellence Hotel Collection Plush Pillow Top beds offer great views of the surrounding countryside.

We are just minutes from downtown Charlottetown, are central to all attractions, close to world-class golf courses, the airport, Charlottetown Driving Park, theatre, and restaurants. The National Park beaches are only minutes away.

While at Little York Bed and Breakfast, you will start your day with a full homemade breakfast followed by your exploration of the island. It would be our pleasure to assist you with your vacation plans while here on Prince Edward Island. There are many island destinations that would make great “Day Trips”. Also, we can provide (at an additional charge) picnic lunches for your day trips as well as dinner so that once you return “Home” from your day’s adventures you can relax at Little York Bed & Breakfast.

Upon your return, you may choose to curl up in the front living room and read a book, lounge on the back deck or perhaps sit under the cherry tree near the raspberry patch. Enjoy an afternoon sweet treat from our kitchen at your leisure. In the evening visit one of the many restaurants offering a taste of the island or perhaps take in a live theatre presentation. At the end of the day cozy up to the backyard fire pit and roast marshmallows or come inside and relax by the wood cook stove in our county kitchen.

It’s simple…enjoy all the island has to offer then come home and relax at Little York Bed and Breakfast


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